Welcome to Xtended Program,
Now Browser has never been so powerful!

Now Browser is officially the lightest web browser on the world, but let's imagine its speed gifted with lots of amazing new features like AdBlock, bookmarks organizations, integrated and customizable search tips, a totally new rendering engine and many more...
you users decide features, we love to hear from your requests!
This is Now Browser Extended.

Totally new features, totally new experience.

The new features of Now Browser will let you enjoy a totally different and fresh way to surf the internet. Powerful tools like AdBlock, multitasking between tabs and a more reliable incognito mode are the ingredients to an amazing browsing experience recipe.

Phone, tablet or desktop? Why not all-in-one!

We love surfing the internet using all our device's power, it isn't important if we have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop: Now Browser Extended supports all these view modes with powerful text reflow functions and all with battery saving profiles to enjoy hours and hours of browsing.

The best of every browser in one small app

If you're addicted to big browser names you'll love Now Browser Extended: all the best concepts of other browsers are optimized, re-designed and packed in one amazing app. A beautiful modern UI and an awesome backend make web browing easy as touch your screen!

Multimedia, bookmarks... all is perfectly organized

There isn't nothing better that watch a relaxing video on your smartphone, Now Browser Extended fully support Flash Player! If you have a set of favourite webpages the powerful bookmarks management will help you. All is simply perfect.

Advanced Now Browser Extended features

• Fully working multitask between tabs
• AdBlock integrated
• Night Mode
• Integrated and customizable search tips
• Find in page feature
• Now Browser Engine Xtended
• Multiple user agents
• Immersive mode
• Bookmarks management
• Customizable UI
• JavaScript Acceleration
• WebFile Compressor
• Flash Player Support
• Smooth tab animation
• Material design theme
• Orbot proxy support
• Custom secure hosts
• Secure and reliable incognito mode
• Bookmarks import
• Cache trimming
• Simplified history
• Popup blocker


Now Browser is a fantastic app, this is why the price has to be affordable and worth for its service. Of course there is a free version, we love to reach the highest number of users possible, with a single button you'll enjoy the better browsing experience that you never had before. Guaranteed!

Now Browser


  • Tabbed browsing
  • Incognito mode
  • Max 4 opened tabs
  • Speed, fast, light!

Now Browser Pro


  • Unlimited tabs
  • Web file compressor
  • JavaScript acceleration
  • Cache trimming
  • Now Browser Engine

Now Browser Xtended


  • AdBlock
  • Now Browser Engine Xtended
  • Unlimited pages for Web File compressor
  • Orbot proxy support
  • Bookmarks management
  • Integrated search tips
  • Immersive mode
  • Xtended program access
  • Customizable UI
  • Night mode
  • Customized support
  • all the features above

What People Are Saying.

  • Tested for some days and it's amazing! This Extended version should have a different name from Now Browser, the UI is quite the same, but there are lots of cool feature like integrated adblock that are simply awesome.

    Mark Guerre (Beta tester)
  • Ok, this is the ultimate version of the better browser ever. Why I say this? AdBlock is simply amazing, it's optimize to fit in this amazing light browser. Other features are a must have too.

    Marques Mair (TNN)
  • Products like this are usually full of bugs: many features, fancy UIs... BUT NOT THIS BROWSER, tested the beta program for some days and it was AWESOME!

    Marques Mair (BlogDroid US)
  • I already loved Now Browser, but I've to say that the missing features that were missing in precedent version are finally here. Fast, with lots of features and still light. I'm impressed!

    Jeena R. Sabrin (Beta tester)
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